Risk Management

Protect What You Already Have

Risk Management

Belgius Capital’s Risk Management Approach

One of Belgius Capital’s central wealth management processes includes evaluating clients’ risk and minimizing and mitigating unnecessary exposure. Before growing wealth, you must first protect what you have already have. Risk Management processes include diversifying investment assets, by sector, industry, and geography to spread risk and implementing measures to preserve value in challenging times.

Protecting your legacy is an area of risk management that can play a significant role in ensuring that your assets are passed on in the most tax-efficient way, thereby avoiding unnecessary liabilities and benefitting your loved ones to the maximum.

Another way to mitigate potential risks is by insurance.

Belgius Capital does not sell insurance. Instead, we review existing policies, financial documents, and offer our impartial evaluation on agreements from third parties. As risk management is important, we ensure that our clients’ insurance coverage is sufficient for their needs but not excessive.

Some of the most common areas of insurance to review are:

Life Insurance
  • After thoroughly reviewing any existing insurance coverage, we only recommend changes when they are needed. We regularly revisit insurance coverage to ensure cover evolves with changes in clients' circumstances.

Property and Casualty Insurance
  • We work alongside our clients’ insurance agents to ensure that protection is adequate and suitable to cover loss of property, damage, and other potential liabilities.

Disability Insurance
  • We work alongside our clients’ insurance agents to ensure all eventualities are covered to provide an income if the client is unable to work.

Long-Term Care Insurance
  • We work alongside our clients’ insurance agents to ensure that the right levels of protection are in place to cover the increasingly expensive costs of long-term care. Long-term care may or may not be already included in existing health insurance.

As your financial advisers, at Belgius Capital, we evaluate areas of risk, and after agreeing your comfort level, explore what actions and plans can be put in place to provide the level of protection you need and deserve.

*Each client's circumstances are unique, and you should consider your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon before making any investment. No investment can be guaranteed to achieve its investment objectives, or that substantial loss will be avoided.