Philanthropic Planning

Achieving Philanthropic Goals

Philanthropic Planning

Over the last few years, Belgius Capital has seen a significant increase in charitable giving and philanthropic planning by wealthy individuals. While traditional measures such as foundations, charitable trusts, and wills are still the primary tools used, Philanthropic Planning also includes working with the family, other donors, finding suitable charities, distributing assets, managing distributions and, in turn, evaluating the impact of the donation. Tax implications also need to be considered for both the giving and receiving parties.

The legacy you leave your family is about far more than money. Through the Belgius Capital planning process, you will discover the best ways to impact the continued well-being of your family, friends, and even the wider world. Your beneficiaries and heirs can live life, not only with the financial freedom you have provided but also with a real sense of purpose.

Philanthropic Giving

For many, building a legacy and achieving philanthropic goals is the highpoint of their life's work. Belgius Capital provides clients with individual philanthropic strategies that are created to accomplish those goals. It is essential to develop a well-defined plan for giving during a lifetime and as part of overall estate planning. Gifting money is simple to do, but giving it away in a way that has real impact and meaning is much more challenging.

Creating a well-defined plan for giving

Philanthropic planning must also be consistent with the financial objectives of the family, the business, and the estate. Belgius Capital guides you through highly developed tax strategies that could significantly lower the potential effect of income and estate taxes.

Creating an agreed plan for philanthropy is of high importance to many of our clients. We can also help with the structuring and creation of family foundations, which often bring multifaceted rewards to several generations. The positive benefits on families with a foundation can often be more rewarding than the tax savings themselves and help parents prepare their children to become righteous stewards of the family’s wealth.

The key to legacy planning

The way to ensure a client’s entire wealth management needs are met is with expert holistic guidance and thoughtful planning. Because objectives, needs, and individual circumstances evolve over time, this advice must also be part of an ongoing, evolving process.