Our Process

Understanding, integrity, and Trust.

Our Process

The team at Belgius Capital nurtures enduring relationships with our clients that are based on mutual understanding, integrity, and, most of all, trust.

The Belgius Capital planning process incorporates several essential steps that are based on each client's unique circumstances, needs, values, and objectives for the future. We create a personalized wealth management plan for each client that is designed to meet well-defined goals. The plan pulls together our team's extensive and diverse experience in the financial arena, integrating a personalized mix of investments, insurance cover, tax planning, philanthropic planning, and other resources.


First, we study the client's current situation, looking at it from both a financial and a personal viewpoint. In addition to reviewing the client's assets and liabilities, we endeavor to understand them personally, discovering their values, needs, family situation, and goals for the present and the future.


Based on what we've discovered, Belgius Capital works closely with the client to define explicit short and long term financial goals and objectives that are within the client’s comfort levels and are also reasonable and achievable.


Using those goals as our target, we present a customized plan that incorporates asset allocation and investment recommendations, tax strategies, philanthropic planning, and other elements.


After comprehensively discussing our recommendations with the client and making any necessary alterations, we implement the plan. The plan is then carefully monitored to ensure we stay on the right track and is adjusted in line with changes to the client’s circumstances, needs, and goals.


The Belgius Capital plan's progress is regularly reviewed and fine-tuned as necessary, and we are available to answer questions and address concerns at any time

* Each client's circumstances are unique, and you should consider your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon before making any investment. There is no guarantee that any investment will meet its investment objectives or that substantial losses will be avoided. Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against incurring losses.