Estate Planning

Protecting Loves Ones

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not merely about writing a will, creating a trust or passing on your assets to your children; it is planning for the continued well-being of your loved ones. It is something everyone should come to terms with sooner rather than later and eases the financial burden of your passing on those left behind. Belgius Capital wealth management services play a central role in estate planning, helping you to:

Organize the dispersal of your assets

Depending on where it is in the world where you live or own property, you may be limited as to the distribution of your assets after your death. In countries such as France, Spain, and Brazil, for example, laws are in place that determines the rights of heirs.

Other countries allow you more freedom to make that decision for yourself.

With effective estate planning, you can decide who will benefit when the time comes. Belgius Capital wealth management solutions allow you to allocate policies to beneficiaries, which could mitigate capital loss in the event of an unexpected economic downturn.

Transfer wealth quickly and simply

Many countries have a probate system used for transferring property and other assets after death. Estate planning can reduce potential delays and minimize the cost of this process. Belgius Capital estate planning can ensure that your wealth is distributed as you want, quickly and simply.


In these times of blended families, or if you have been married more than once, you may want to ensure that assets are passed solely for the benefit of your children rather than stepchildren. You may also wish to ensure that assets are transferred exclusively for the benefit of your current spouse or partner rather than an ex-spouse or partner.

Belgius Capital wealth management solutions are confidential and can enable you to decide who you wish to benefit, which can be especially useful when the family situation is complicated.

Mitigating potential tax expenses

Depending on where it is in the world where you live or own property, beneficiaries may be subjected to substantial estate duties and inheritance taxes. Implementing the right tools to prepare in advance can help to avoid unnecessary tax liabilities and eliminate costly financial consequences for your family.

Belgius Capital’s Estate Planning Process

Discuss Estate Goals
  • We review topics such as generational-transfer, philanthropy, tax reduction, and issues relating to control.

Provide Continuing Wealth Management Services
  • We frequently liaise with any entities created by the estate planning process, such as limited family partnerships, trusts, and foundations to ensure your affairs are up-to-date.

Changes in Circumstances
  • We notify concerned parties about changes in legislation that affect the existing planning arrangements or offer additional opportunities.

Communication with Clients
  • We explain the various options available to clients when creating their estate transfer plans and provide practical examples that highlight the available estate planning options available.

Work closely with legal representatives and professional advisers
  • We develop and implement the proper planning strategy, together with the client’s other legal and professional advisers.