Supporting Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

At Belgius Capital, we consider that a diverse workforce and inclusive beliefs are crucial to our ongoing success. To achieve them, Belgius Capital has a cohesive, international approach to attract, hire, and retain world-class individuals to our team.

We welcome diverse backgrounds and experiences, inclusive of age, gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. More diversification helps us to confront conventional wisdom, stimulate creative thinking, and enhance our lives and relationships.

Our approach to promoting a diverse and inclusive culture is led by our senior management, driven forward by our managers, supported by all employees.


At Belgius Capital, we are well on the way to having teams that are as diverse as our client base. To further this ambition, we have re-invigorated our hiring and retention, and the support given to employees from minority groups across all areas of our company.

Diversity Education

We provide our team with opportunities to learn about and enhance their knowledge about inclusive workplace procedures. Some of these opportunities include working on unconscious bias, cross-cultural competency, and appreciating generational differences.


Belgius Capital’s beliefs are focused around our clients, better collaboration, conducting respectful discussions, and thinking differently. These common values are central to who we are as a company, and are the origin of our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

All our team is responsible for adding to our diverse and inclusive culture by alleviating bias from decision making and exhibiting inclusive behaviors.


We participate in the communities where we work and live by philanthropic efforts, such as focused corporate giving. These initiatives aim to bridge the achievement gap between students with different backgrounds and abilities. We also contribute to our communities via knowledge-sharing conferences, mentoring, and volunteering time, and other resources.

At Belgius Capital, we value diversity in every aspect of our company and are growing a network of suppliers that mirror our principles of inclusion. Companies owned and managed by ethnic minorities, women, and people with disabilities are just some examples of the diverse suppliers we try to source from.