Business Succession Planning

A Smooth Transition

Your Belgius Capital global wealth and succession plan

You may have sufficient management of your personal wealth in place, including covering areas such as having financial, tax, and philanthropic planning, but is your business equally well covered? As the owner of a business, effective succession planning includes passing on your values and vision, as well as your day-to-day duties and responsibilities, to the next stewards of your business.

When it comes to Business Succession Planning, there is not a standardized, model approach that fits everyone. As a Belgius Capital client, you have the support and guidance of a team of internal and external specialists who work together to achieve one goal: understanding and attending to the needs of your business, your valued workforce, and your family’s wealth.

Focused Planning

Our multi-disciplined team undertakes an exhaustive discovery process to really get to know you, your family, and your personal and business goals. This process gives us the foundation on which to build your personalized plan.

As a Belgius Capital client, you can depend on the combined resources, expertise, and experience of our entire company, and you will be shown possible solutions that will be customized to your needs, objectives, and goals.

The Process

Right from day one, you will reap the benefits of a process that minimizes complexity and is tailored to address your specific concerns, needs, and goals.

Initial discovery phase

We will go through a thorough initial discovery phase to really get to know you, your individual circumstances, what your ambitions are, and listen as you discuss your business, workforce, and family. Your Belgius Capital Account Manager will take the time to learn how your business started, how it flourished, and where you want it to go.

Confirm your objectives, needs, and goals

In summing up the main issues, the aim is to establish and bring into line the ambitions you have for your business with your life goals. If you have already begun your business succession planning or not revisited a plan you currently have in place for a while, we can also help you identify areas you may not have considered.

Working together to discover the best outcome

To make sure that no aspect of your business or personal wealth has been overlooked, we will collaborate with your other professional advisers to ensure all avenues have been addressed.

Usually, we work closely with:
  • Legal professionals
  • Accountants and tax agents
  • Management and family business consultants
  • Business brokers
  • Investment bankers
  • Estate planning professionals
  • Other financial advisers
  • Private bankers
  • Commercial bankers
  • Business advisors

Your senior management team and your family can also, at appropriate times, be brought into the discussion to guarantee there is complete transparency, understanding, and continuity.


Once your plan has been fully implemented, we will review and discuss your progress on a regular basis, respond to any changes that arise, and assist in pinpointing further opportunities and provide ongoing guidance.

As time passes, the Belgius Capital team will help you to keep your business succession plan on the right path through ups and downs in the financial markets, the progression of your business, and changes in family circumstances.