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Belgius Capital

About Us

Belgius Capital brings together the collective expertise of all our professionals, and decades of experience in financial and market research, to enhance the management, growth, and security of our clients’ wealth.

When Belgius Capital was founded, we catered to clients who were seeking ways to increase the value of their assets to finance, improve, and protect their lifestyles and provide for future generations of their families. The search for the right wealth manager continues today for many people; they are looking for companies who value and cultivate long-term client relationships by using a made to measure approach.

With Belgius Capital, you are not just another account number; you are an individual with your own outlook, wishes, needs, and desires.

We try hard to be more than just another financial company at Belgius Capital; we are your financial advocate. We are here for you, to help you develop your personal financial road map, guide you in making smart, perceptive, and educated financial choices by thoroughly evaluating each available option and decision made along the road to your desired financial destination. Our strategy is simple and specific; the more beneficial financial decisions you make along the way, the faster you achieve your goals.

Every personal financial road map we create with our clients is made to measure according to each one’s circumstances. While many people have similar financial goals, there is always more than one method available to achieve them. By evaluating you and your individual situation, along with other factors such as your attitude to risk and time horizon, we will find the right way for you.

At Belgius Capital, we remain independent, free to source, and select the investments, products, and services that best suit our clients without the conflicts that can arise by being part of a larger financial organization. We believe this is the correct way to serve our clients best.

Our Executive Network shown below, manage, lead, and drive our business forward.

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Executive Network

Name Position Email
Alex Chung Group Chief Executive a.chung@belgius.com
Alan Strathairn Chief Operating Officer a.strathairn@belgius.com
Martin Wei Chief Financial Officer m.wei@belgius.com
Daniel Taylor Head of Institutional Trading d.taylor@belgius.com
Peter Webster Chief Compliance Officer p.webster@belgius.com
David Le Saux Head of Investment Banking d.lesaux@belgius.com
Graham McCarthy Head of Retail Clients g.mccarthy@belgius.com
Amanda Shipton Head of Settlements and Claims a.shipton@belgius.com
Alejandro De Leon Head of Compliance a.de.leon@belgius.com